Pixelmator Photo editing app launches on iPhone

Pixelmator Photo editing app launches on iPhone
Pixelmator has long been a favorite image editing program for photography enthusiasts working with Apple products. The original Pixelmator Pro was initially created as an application exclusive to Macs, but in 2019 it also became available for iPads with Pixelmator Photo—which went on to win an Apple Design Award.

Pixelmator has never been available on any platforms outside of Mac and iPad, however, and fans of the app have been asking for an alternative iPhone version for years now. Well, it turns out that the developer Pixelmator Team has finally picked up on this, and made Pixelmator for iPhone a reality.

It was AppleInsider who first caught wind that the fully-fledged Pixelmator app is now also supported on iPhones, with the only requirement being that they run on iOS 14.0 or later. 

The popular photo editing app for iPhone and iPad has nearly all the tools you could use at your fingertips, which surpass Apple's own photo editing feature array, and grant you essentially unlimited freedom to play around with your photographs until you have them looking just the way you want.

Apart from the at this point standard bars for adjusting exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, etc, Pixelmator also offers more advanced image editing tools such as a wheel-based color balance, grain adjustment, selective color adjustment, and more.

Pixelmator is also able to support and work with nearly every RAW image format that is used in professional photography, allowing you maximum editing freedom before exporting into a standard file. All the work is saved and synced in iCloud, making it accessible from multiple devices.

Every edit in Pixelmator is saved individually, so you can access it separately to revert or tweak it at any point in time—rather than relying on a single timeline of actions that you have to undo to get to the one you want to change.

The app leverages the iPhone's powerful processor to power the AI-based automatic image enhancement feature, which brings out all the best parts of an image with the tap of a single button. The Auto Enhance feature has been configured using twenty million different photos by Pixelmator Team, to let the machine learning software to know exactly what to look for in each one.

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The Pixelmator Photo app for both iPad and iPhone comes at a one-time price of $7.99 to unlock all its bells and whistles for good, although at the moment there's a 50% launch discount. If you've already purchased the original Pixelmator Photo for iPad or Mac, on the other hand, you also only need to pay 3.99 to get it for iPhone as well.

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