iPhone buyers opt for installment options more than Android phone buyers, finds survey

iPhone buyers opt for installment options more than Android phone buyers
It's not a secret that there are differences between how people go for Android phones or iPhones. A new survey confirms that and shows that iPhone users are opting for installment plans more than Android buyers, reports AppleInsider. This difference could be due to the overall higher price that iPhones retail at on average, and also trade-in discounts and installment plans offered by Apple and carriers.

iPhone buyers are opting for installment plans more than Android buyers, finds survey

Recently, it's become normal that carriers offer no-interest installment plans for phones, and we no longer have to buy the full price or pay a set amount upfront. The flexibility of no-interest installment plans gives buyers options - they can either pay all upfront or spread the cost to monthly payments.

The new survey comes from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), and it aims to find out the differences between iPhone and Android buyers in purchasing methods.

Interestingly enough, 55% of iPhone buyers opt for monthly installment plans, compared to 44% of Android buyers. 38% of iPhone buyers pay upfront for their phones, and 49% of Android buyers. 7% of the people use other buying methods.

Of course, iPhones are generally more expensive than the average Android phone, and there are many more budget Android options that can also tilt the numbers. It's understandably easier to pay in full for a budget Android phone than it is for the latest iPhone. Android phones do have expensive variant as well, let's say a Galaxy S23 Ultra, but there it's likely that the majority of people fall within the percentage of installment plan buyers.

The survey does not give information on what the surveyed pool is, and doesn't specify how many people it took into account. Despite that, it shows an interesting trend when it comes to phone purchases.

All in all, there is a high percentage of people that buy using installment plans in both categories: iPhones and Android phones. Carriers know that and offer increasingly good options for installment plans including big trade-in discounts. Apple also has the option for monthly installments for Apple Card users.

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