iPhone 15 Pro: Leak shows Apple enters new design era with all-screen look

iPhone 15 Pro: Leak shows Apple enters new design era with all-screen look
The iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be an even more exciting release as this fresh leak reveals the front of the device and Apple has made one key change.

The images come via @IceUniverse, who is known to bring us reliable information, and he calls the iPhone 15 Pro "peak design of human mobile phones."

The praise comes after Apple has apparently managed to shrink the bezel of the iPhone 15 Pro by an impressive 25%, so we are likely to get a bezel so thin that it will feel like you are holding an all-glass, all-screen phone.

And while other companies have also managed to narrow down the borders around the screen or create an illusion of an all-screen feel using curved designs, Apple is different in that it has the same size borders on all four sides, while others usually have a thicker "chin" at the bottom of the phone.

Apple kickstarted this change with the iPhone 14 Pro, which had a thinner bezel than its predecessor, but the really big improvement comes with the iPhone 15 Pro:

iPhone Pro series bezel size evolution:

  • 2.42 mm iPhone 13 Pro bezel size
  • 2.17 mm iPhone 14 Pro bezel size (10% reduction from predecessor)
  • 1.55 mm iPhone 15 Pro bezel size (28.6% reduction from predecessor)

And if you still have doubts about this change actually happening, we have to clarify that leaked CAD files have shown it, but also these latest glass panels further confirm the change.

Of course, don't expect an official confirmation from Apple, but this is as well backed up by evidence as it gets in the world of leaks and rumors.

We have to clarify that the thinner bezel seems to be a feature reserved for the Pro series, so the regular iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus models will still have thicker bezels. It will be only the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Ultra that will get this new look.

What else is new?

The iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be a bigger change than usual for the series.

Here is a quick summary of all the rumored improvements:
  • USB-C port instead of the proprietary Lightning port
  • Haptic power and volume buttons instead of physical ones
  • New Apple A17 Bionic chip
  • 8GB RAM (vs 6GB RAM on older models)
  • Thinner bezels
  • Titanium frame, lighter weight

Expect to also see improvements to the camera system. While we haven't heard anything specific about new sensors and physical hardware on the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, we do expect to see new software features and improvements to the camera processing.

The bigger iPhone 15 Ultra model (it could also be called iPhone 15 Pro Max), however, is rumored to get a brand new periscope lens with long range zoom, a first on an iPhone. Rumors speculate this might be a 6X zoom lens, while the current zoom camera is only 3X zoom.

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The regular iPhone 15 models, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus, are rumored to come with the A16 Bionic chip that currently powers the iPhone 14 Pro family, they should get the Dynamic Island as a replacement to the notch, plus we have heard speculations they will get a 48MP high-res main camera.

Which iPhone 15 model are you most excited about?

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