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Upgrading to iPhone 13: survey finds only 10% of iPhone users are committed to upgrading

Upgrading to iPhone 13: survey finds only 10% of iPhone users are committed to upgrading
The iPhone 13 launch, expected to happen on September 14, is the highly-anticipated event of the month. Apple plans to reveal the iPhone 13 series and leaks have detailed a lot of the upcoming updates we expect to see. However, an unofficial poll conducted by Savings.com found that only 10% of iPhone owners are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 13, reports AppleInsider.

A small percent of people are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 13 this year, according to poll

The poll was conducted with the participation of 1,500 iPhone users, and only 10% of them are committed to purchasing the iPhone 13 at launch, while 64% of the participants indicated they have no plans to upgrade. However, 26% of the participants are undecided, so it is possible new features that the iPhone 13 is expected to rock to sway their opinion into buying a new iPhone.

The survey also analyzed people's interests in the rumored and leaked enhancements the iPhone 13 is expected to bring to the table. The most anticipated feature is satellite communications, accompanied by the expected improvements in the iPhone 13 camera and better battery life. 27% of the existing iPhone owners from the committed-to-upgrade category are excited about the satellite connectivity, while on the other hand, 22% of them are most interested in the camera and video enhancements.

Of course, a larger battery and a faster processor also rank high in the potential owners' wish lists. 15% of the users would like a larger battery, and 14$ of them are looking forward to the faster processor of the iPhone 13 and the functionalities it will enable.

A similar study was conducted in the UK earlier this week. It was performed with the participation of 2,000 iPhone owners and 19% of them intended to upgrade to a new model within the next year. Many of the wish list features of the participants in the survey correspond with the ones published today in Savings.com poll results.

iPhone 13: what to expect on September 14

The iPhone 13's official launch date is September 14, and this year, the event will once again be an online unveiling. The iPhone 13 is expected to be showcased during the event, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7, alongside the AirPods 3 and the iPad mini 6.

The event will start at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST, and based on what products are expected to be unveiled, it should run for at least an hour and a half.

The iPhone 13 series are going to be the most important announcement on that event for many people. The next-generation iPhone lineup will consist of four models: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, similar to previous years.

All of the four devices will come with a slightly tweaked design, the biggest difference with the iPhone 12 is expected to be the reduced in width notch that should house a rearranged Face ID system that may work with masks.

A 120Hz fast refresh rate dubbed ProMotion is expected for the Pro models of the iPhone 13 lineup, and so are big updates to the rear camera hardware on all models. The focus of the camera updates is reportedly going to be concentrated on video recording capabilities.

Could the iPhone 13 continue iPhone 12's supercycle?

Back in June, a report from Counterpoint Research announced that just within seven months of its announcement, the iPhone 12 series have reached a new super-cycle that wasn't seen since the iPhone 6 times. The results from recent surveys are making us consider whether or not the iPhone 13 series will be able to continue the iPhone 12 supercycle. Still, the iPhone users in the US are estimated at 116 million, according to Savings.com, and a 10% mark of them would equate to almost 12 million sales when the phones launch, and if these 26% undecided make their ways to upgrade, that means additional 30 million buyers.

Currently, predictions are stating the supercycle would continue with the iPhone 13.
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