iPadOS 15: how to use Quick Notes

iPadOS 15: how to use Quick Notes
Quick Notes is one of the new multi-tasking improvements to be added to iPadOS 15. It allows you to pull up a floating note window at absolutely any time while using the iPad. Anything you jot down is saved and can be quickly called up again. The notes are context-aware and can pop-up whenever you need them. Let’s break the features down.

Do you need Apple Pencil to access Quick Notes?

Unfortunately, yes — you can only open a Quick Note with the Apple Pencil.

Update: as per the most current Public Beta, you can access Quick Notes with just a finger!

How do you start a Quick Note? You just scroll inwards from the bottom-right corner of the screen. A Quick Note will pop up, ready for you to jot your ideas down.

You can resize the window any way you want and scroll through your Quick Notes by swiping left and right on top of said window.

Where do I find my Quick Notes?

Once you’ve written down whatever you needed to and pressed “Done” on the Quick Note, you can find it in the Notes app. There’s a new section in there, called Quick Notes.

Why does a Quick Note always pop up when I open a website?

Quick Notes are context-aware. This means that whenever you take a Quick Note while viewing a specific app or specific page, iPadOS will remember that. When you return to that app / page, your last taken Quick Note will pop back up — reminding you of what you were thinking last time you were there.

If you don’t need it at this time, just swipe the little note away to the side. Or simply keep using the app and the little note will slip away on its own.

Add links to Quick Notes

Whenever you pull up a Quick Note, you have an “add link” button on top of it. This “link” will open the page, email, or whatever else you were viewing while taking that exact note.

How do I add quotes to a Quick Note?

Imagine this — you are viewing a web page and you want to link to a specific point in the text, for later reference. Well, pull up a Quick Note, then highlight the text and select the new “Add to Quick Note” option. Now, just like the links above, if you open the Quick Note in the Notes app and tap on the quoted text, you will be taken to the exact page and exact place where that text was taken from.

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