You can land Apple's trusty iPad 9 for way below list price right now

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You can land Apple's trusty iPad 9 for way less than street price right now
If you are on the hunt for a tablet that's more than just a glorified smartphone and doesn't require you to cough up an awful lot of money, Apple's 2021 iPad is currently on sale.

The 9th generation iPad will strike a chord with anyone who wants a reliable slate for casual everyday use that won't shy away from standing in for a laptop every now and then.

The 2021 iPad sports a 10.2‑inch screen which is a comfortable size for a tablet. The screen is bright and vibrant and features the True Tone tech that adjusts the color and intensity to match the light conditions.

The device comes with Touch ID instead of Face ID and has a Lightning port instead of a USB-C port. Unlike Apple's other tablets, it has not ditched the headphone jack, allowing you to use a wired headphones instead of forcing you to splurge on wireless earbuds that need to be charged.

The iPad 9 is powered by the A13 Bionic which is still faster than the chips that power most Android slates. It's more than fast enough for tablety tasks like browsing the web, playing games, reading e-books, and switching between apps, and when paired with a keyboard, you can even use it for general productivity work. 

iPad 9th generation

The 2021 iPad punches above its price class with the fast A13 chip, vibrant 10.2‑inch screen, long battery life, and decent 8MP rear and 12MP front cameras.

The iPad 9 also comes with Apple's cool new Center Stage feature that pans and zooms to keep the subject in the frame and the rear 8MP camera produces sharp images.

The tablet will easily last you 10 hours on a single charge and it charges reasonably fast.

The lowdown is that the iPad 9 is Apple's best cheap tablet, thanks to its fast performance, long battery life, huge selection of apps, and lightweight design. 

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Even though a pricier new model with modest changes is out now, Apple continues to sell the 2021 iPad, which is a testament to its popularity.

The 64GB model which costs $329 is being sold by Walmart for just $269. This is a great price for a compact tablet with long battery life and the power of a budget laptop. The low price means you'll be able to carry it around with peace of mind, which isn't something we can say about the pricey iPad Pros.

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