Apple says it will release iOS 18 developer beta 2 on Monday

Apple says it will release iOS 18 developer beta 2 on Monday
Most people like the weekend to last a long time so they can enjoy the time off from work and relax. But some iPhone users might be hoping that the weekend goes by quickly, because on Monday, Apple will be releasing iOS 18 developer beta 2. Apple says that the update will come with two features that were not on the initial beta release: iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing.

With iPhone Mirroring, users will be able to mirror their iPhone display on their Mac. As a result, iPhone notifications will appear on your Mac and you can drag and drop between the Mac and your iPhone. As for the second feature coming on Monday with iOS 18 developer beta 2, Apple says, "With enhanced screen sharing capabilities, you can draw on someone’s screen so they can see what they can do on theirs, or control their screen and take actions yourself."

The update will also fix some of the bugs that infested iOS 18 developer beta 1. Keep in mind that none of the Apple Intelligence features demoed during WWDC earlier this month will be appearing on the beta as of yet and while we don't know what will be for Monday's update, none of the non-AI improvements to Siri have yet to be included in the iOS 18 developer beta. Perhaps that will change on Monday.

Besides iOS 18 developer beta 2, Monday could see the release of iPadOS developer beta 2, and second developer betas for macOS Sequoia, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and watchOS 11. The public betas will first be dropped in July and the Apple Intelligence features should make their way into the appropriate beta versions this summer.

If you want to take a shot at installing the iOS 18 developer beta 2, the good news is that you no longer have to pay Apple $99 to become a certified gold badge-wearing Apple Developer. Ok, I'm kidding about the gold badge, but you used to have to pay Apple to be listed as a developer and have access to the developer beta. That is no longer necessary. Back up your data before installing the beta.

To install it, go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap the Beta Updates bar on the top. That will take you to a page where you can select which beta you want to install. Tap on iOS 18 Developer Beta, go "Back" and you should see the liasting to install the iOS 18 Developer Beta. If you already have iOS 18 developer beta 1 installed, on Monday afternoon you should go to Settings > General > Software Update and see if the second developer beta is ready to be installed.

If you've never had to deal with beta software before, you might just want to wait until September for the release of the final and stable version of iOS 18.

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