References for driver's license support in Apple Wallet found in iOS 15.4 developer beta 2

References for driver's license support in Apple Wallet found in iOS 15.4 developer beta 2
Apple has been working on making Apple Wallet a more comprehensive app that will include many useful features. Now, a reference to the app being able to store driver's licenses has resurfaced in the second iOS 15.4 developer beta, reports AppleInsider.

iOS 15.4 developer beta 2 shows reference to the driver's license feature in Apple Wallet

References to the feature that will allow you to store your driver's license in the Apple Wallet app have been found in the code of iOS 15.4 developer beta 2. Initially spotted by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser and shared on Twitter, the line of code states "Find out when your driver's license or state ID is ready to use and get important updates."

This feature was initially announced during WWDC 2021, and it basically expands the kinds of items that you can store on the Apple Wallet app. Now, Apple seems to be preparing the groundwork for this feature. The Wallet is going to be able to include driver's license information alongside information from ID cards supported in some US states.

On top of that, Cupertino is also working with the US Transportation Security Administration so that the Wallet app can support digital identities at airports, which would make it possible for you to verify your identity before flying with just your iPhone.

Back in November, Apple announced that the feature to include your driver's license in Apple Waller has been pushed to early 2022, without specifying an exact release date for it. Additionally, a document that leaked in November indicated that states had to agree to "allocate reasonably sufficient personnel and resources to support the launch" of the feature in Apple Wallet.

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iOS 15.4 developer beta 2 seems surprising in a cool way

The second developer beta for iOS 15.4 was released yesterday and the main elements that were discovered there related to the newly-announced Tap to Pay on iPhone feature. This feature will make it possible for merchants to accept payments from their customers with their own iPhones.

Apple stated that this feature would launch in the spring of this year, and Stripe (a payment platform) will be among its first adopters. Steve Moser has discovered references for this feature in the code for the second developer beta of iOS 15.4, and it could mean that the feature will launch with the public release of iOS 15.4.

References of the Tap to Pay on iPhone in the developer beta include images of how the interface will look, as well as a "PaymentReceived" sound file.

Other snippets of the feature discovered include the following:
  • iPhone ready to accept a contactless payment.
  • Hold your card or device to the seller's iPhone and wait for the success sound.
  • To accept contactless payments, turn on NFC and try again.
  • The payment timed out for your security. Try again when you are ready to accept a payment.
  • Multiple reward passes applied
  • Pay %@ %@
  • Refund from %@ for %@"
  • Try Again & Hold Card Longer
  • Use your iPhone to accept payments from contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, or any other contactless payment devices.

This update is going to bring many features that will enrich the iPhone experience and is shaping to be quite an interesting update to look forward to.

This iOS version is currently in beta, and Apple releases such minor updates a couple of weeks after the first beta arrives to insure the build's stability and fix new-found bugs. So far, there are no concrete release dates revealed by Apple for iOS 15.4.

Judging from last year, there were close to ten betas of the iOS 14.5 before it got released to the general public. This could mean we can expect the official iOS 15.4 sometime in mid-April 2022.

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