You can now have an iPhone home screen full of copies of the same app, but why?

You can now have an iPhone home screen full of copies of the same app, but why?
Apple has just released the developer beta for its new iPhone operating system iOS 15 and there is one weird thing that you can now do: you can have multiple copies of the same app icon on your home screen, meaning that you can do... this (look above)! Yes, you can have your entire home screen filled with just this one app and it's crazy, especially considering that you still cannot freely move apps.

But why has Apple even added such an option to all iPhones with iOS 15?

It turns out there is a reason behind the madness, and it's the new Focus modes. See, when you switch to a custom Focus mode, you can completely disable one or more of your home panels. This way, you can have an "entertainment" home panel that is disabled and will not distract you while you are in a Work Focus mode. However, what if you want to have a certain app appear in two different Focus modes?

For example, you may want to see your emails in both a Work and Personal focus modes. Well, that's where having two copies of the same app comes into play. You can have the same app twice so you can easily disable one home panel and still have the same app appear on your remaining home panel.

It's a clever little workaround, but it may appear strange if you don't know the reasoning behind it.

And here is how you actually do this: you can go into the App Library and simply drag and drop an app multiple times across various home panels. You can one home panel full of copies of the same app, which of course isn't the point, but it is possible.

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