Eagerly anticipated iOS 14 feature still not working for all after latest update

Eagerly anticipated iOS 14 feature still not working for all after latest update
One of the most anticipated features of iOS 14 allows users to select certain third-party apps to be the default browser or email app on their iPhone models. For example, if an iPhone user wants to replace Safari as the default browser on his phone with Firefox or Chrome, this can be done. If the user wants to replace Apple's Mail client as the default email app with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, this can be done as well.

However, right after iOS 14 was disseminated last month, a bug was discovered that would change the default browser and email client back to Apple's own Safari and Mail app respectively. This would occur after the user rebooted his iPhone. Apple fixed the problem when it pushed out iOS 14.0.1 last month. So now all is well and good as iPhone users get to customize some of their default apps, right? BUZZ!!! Nope. In a tweet posted today, software developer David Clarke pointed out that every time a browser app or an email app is updated, the default settings revert to Safari and Mail. Clarke says that this bug is still found on iOS 14.1, which Apple released yesterday.

Yesterday's update also fixed another popular iOS 14 feature, the improved Android-style widgets that were added to iPhone models running iOS 14. Some iPhone units were infected with a bug that reduced the size of some widgets on the home screen. The shrinkage also affected icons and folders as well. Apple has already released multiple versions of the iOS 14.2 beta for developers and the public and we're not sure whether it is too late for a fix for the default apps to be added at the last second.

Surely Apple won't let this issue stew too long. After all, opening up iOS just a tad to allow some customization is a major theme for iOS 14 and the optics for Apple wouldn't look too good if bugs prevented users from taking advantage of these changes.


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