iPhone spontaneously combusts and lays waste to car seat

iPhone spontaneously combusts and lays waste to car seat
We're accustomed to hearing stories about how cell phone batteries explode and cause major damage to their surroundings. And even the variety of iPhone variants have their unique stories about overheating and the ramifications of it. Now we're hearing a story about how an iPhone 3G spontaneously combusted and totally ruined a car seat. Granted though the car itself wasn't extremely damaged from the incident, the pictures show how the passenger's seat took most of the punishment. It looks as though the owner left it in his car unattended and did not have it connected to a charger. He later returned to only see black smoke emanating from his vehicle and with the ruins of the disaster left over. It seems that the iPhone may have caught fire at some point and slowly burned away. Who knows what could've been the sole cause of the accident, but maybe the battery and other components contributed to it slowly melting and burning up. The owner plans on taking up the issue with Apple and his wireless carrier.

source: iPhone Nieuws Blog via Gizmodo

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