Video shows iPhone has got nothing on Pixel when it comes to transcribing text

Video shows iPhone has got nothing on Pixel when it comes to transcribing text
A short clip posted on Twitter by developer James Cham shows Google's Pixel is significantly faster than Apple's iPhone at transcribing text.

Since the OG Pixel, Google has focused more on AI and machine learning than hardware. And this perhaps explains why a new iPhone lost out to an older Pixel model in the dictation test.

To show the noticeable difference in speed at which the two phones convert text to speed, Cham read out the same text to both handsets. 

Voice-to-text on Pixel is instantaneous and fluid, with almost no lag. The Pixel gets done before the iPhone, while the latter takes its sweet time to finish transcribing. 

As Cham points out, faster speech-to-text would allow for faster interaction when you are dealing with a digital assistant. 

Apparently, Siri is not just slower, but also less accurate at transcribing text. It's no secret that Apple has a lot of catching up to do in the AI department. It currently lags behind not just Google, but also Amazon.

To that end, the company has acquired several AI companies, with the most recent being Inductiv, a machine learning startup. 

But, of course, it could be a long time before these efforts manifest themselves in the form of a faster Siri.

For now, iPhone users could try using the Gboard keyboard for a taste of Pixel's transcription prowess.


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