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iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max: battery life comparison

iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and Xs Max: battery life comparison
The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are here, and they bring us the world's first 7nm chip, Face ID to all models, an improved camera and the edge-to-edge design to the most affordable XR model, but what about the battery life?

Apple traditionally does not disclose information about the battery capacity on its new iPhones, so we will need to wait for a teardown to learn that number, but it does provide helpful stats about the battery life you can expect with various tasks.

And there are some good news: the iPhone XR is the iPhone with the best battery life that we have ever seen. The difference is not huge, but it typically lasts a bit longer than the iPhone XS Max, and both phones deliver an hour and a half longer battery life when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, our previous Apple champ.

So no, we are still nowhere near the luxury of having an iPhone that can last us two days off the charger, but we are getting improvements.

Here is how battery life breaks down on the latest iPhones:

All the iPhones listed above, with the exception of the 7 series, support fast charging with a 50% top-up in 30 minutes, but in order to get this, you need to buy a fast charger separately since the one that comes included in the box charges them at a much slower speed.

And yes, all except the 7 series, also support wireless charging, a useful convenience.

So there you have it, the iPhone XR is the most affordable of the quite expensive new iPhones and it also gets you the best battery life.
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