iPhone "Xc" concept shows what a cheaper, colorful and plastic iPhone X could look like


Four years ago, in late 2013, Apple introduced a new iPhone that was unlike others: the colorful, plastic iPhone 5c. With its "unapologetically plastic" design and bright colors, the iPhone 5c was different than the typical, "serious"-looking metal phones that Apple is known for. And it was also more affordable.

So... what if Apple revived the iPhone 5c idea with a colorful new version of the iPhone X, an iPhone "Xc" of sorts?

We have no reason to believe Apple has any intent whatsoever to build a plastic phone in 2018, but if it ever did, this latest concept shows a pretty picture of what an iPhone Xc could look like. The images are crafted by designer Martin Hajek, a person who is known for creating great-looking Apple concepts.

This particular iPhone Xc idea sticks with the gloss plastic finish of the 5c and with the neon colors, but with the overall styling of the iPhone X and with the notch. It's not hard to think up advantages of such a phone: one obvious practical benefit of the imaginary plastic iPhone Xc is that you don't need to worry about a glass back cracking and you don't need to worry about that $550 repair fee that Apple charges for an iPhone X's cracked back. Plus, with that colorful plastic back, you might even skip using a case, just to see those cheerful colors more often.

source: iDropNews

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