As pre-orders start, Apple drops a couple of iPhone XR promo videos to remind us that we want it


It has been a month since Apple announced this year's trio of smartphones — the premium-priced iPhone XS and XS Max, and the more... groundediPhone XR. The latter, however, just became available for pre-order today, and will be coming out in a week.

So, of course, Apple wants to remind us of the XR's existence, so we get a few promo shorts that showcase the phone and some of its distinct features, as well as a guide on how to use Portrait Mode. The latter is actually valid for all current-generation iPhones going forward.

What are the iPhone XR's differentiators, compared to the XS line? For one, we have the price. The XR also only comes with a single camera on the back. However, Apple still provides Portrait Mode with digitally-applied bokeh on this phone by using the same single-camera sorcery that Google did with the Pixel 2 last year. The iPhone XR has an LCD screen, unlike the XS models and their OLED panels, which may be a pro or a con, depending on whether you care or prefer one over the other. The iPhone XR has no 3D Touch, unfortunately, and its bezel is slightly bigger. One last thing — the iPhone XR's body is still made of aluminum, while the XS line has moved on to that premium-feeling stainless steel.

But hey, not all is bad. For one, the aluminum plates allowed Apple to offer the iPhone XR in 6 very different, punchy colors, which we certainly do appreciate. The iPhone XR has the very same A12 Bionic chip on the inside and the very same, improved Face ID sensor on the front as the more expensive XS phones. In other words, it's a no-compromise, 2018 iPhone at its core, with some corners cut at a few spots. How much you care about said corners, well — that's up to you.

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