iPhone 6 prices for all models leaked


Blogger TK Tech News has gotten a hold of a snapshot of what the upcoming iPhone models might cost. The photo comes all the way from Hong Kong, so, assuming it is accurate, the final pricing may be slightly different, due to currency conversions, taxes, and whatnot.

The photo shows two columns of prices – one for the 4.7" model and one for the 5.5" model. Both iPhone 6 variants will have 3 different internal storage tiers – 16, 32, and 64 GB – same as before. It seems that an earlier rumor that Apple may add a 128 GB device to the roster is yet to be confirmed, if at all.

These prices are in HKD,and converting them to USD gives us the following numbers:

iPhone 616 GB32 GB64 GB
4.7"6,663 HKD = $859,707,671 HKD = $989,758,679 HKD = $1119,82
5.5"7,923 HKD = $1022,288,931 HKD = $1152,349,687 HKD = $1249,88

Looking at the HK Applestore page and converting the iPhone 5S price tags to USD, we can seethat the current smartphone goes for around between $70 and $80 morein Hong Kong, depending on the tier. Keeping that in mind, we canguesstimate prices for the iPhone 6 to be at:

iPhone 616 GB32 GB64 GB

Of course, we are talkingretail prices here – without contract. From these numbers, we cansee that the 5.5" iPhone 6 will be quite the premium device, the16 GB model starting at ~$50 above an 11" MacBook Air, and thetop-tier 64 GB one costing ~$150 shy of a bottom-of-the-line 13”Retina MacBook Pro. Or, to put things in perspective, a 4G-capableiPad Air with 128 GB of storage currently costs $929.

If these prices are true,Apple seems really optimistic about the demand for the new, largescreen iPhones. What do you make of these numbers?

source: TK Tech News

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