iPhone 5 shortage caused by laborious new thinner in-cell display technology

iPhone 5 shortage caused by laborious new thinner in-cell display technology
If you go on the online Apple Store now and try to order an iPhone you’d have to settle for a 3 to 4 week waiting period. And that seems like a bit too much of a wait even for the more faithful Apple fans. The reason? The new amazing and thin iPhone 5 display supply can’t match the huge demand, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

This shortage in the in-cell display panels used in the iPhone 5 comes despite the fact that Apple has recruited not only its traditional display manufacturing partners LG Display Co. and Japan Display Inc., but also Sharp. Still, production of those in-cell panels has proven to be much more laborious.

Sharp in particular has been struggling to meet the booming demand. Still, this shortage is nothing like you’re used to seeing - Apple managed to sell 5 million iPhone 5 over the opening weekend with that shortage in mind. Moreover, this shortage will likely be one that display manufacturers will overcome quickly, but it’s just not yet clear exactly when.

source: Bloomberg

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