iPhone 4S coming soon to... C-Spire Wireless

iPhone 4S coming soon to... C-Spire Wireless
We expected it as much as you did - C-Spire Wireless, the carrier we were the first to alert you about back in September, is getting the iPhone 4S in the coming weeks. At least that's what its official website states and we have no reason to doubt it, except... if that's some kind of a weird joke we don't quite get yet. Not T-Mobile, but C-Spire Wireless, previously known as Cellular South, the US ninth largest carrier. Subscriber count? Less than a million.

Weird as it seems, C-Spire Wireless is already offering a sign up page, which will store your contacts and ping you whenever more information becomes available. Now, our guess is that you're also puzzled about why Apple picked this exact new carrier. Our first guess is a monetary incentive offered by the service provider, but could it also be that this signals an even wider upcoming availability of the iPhone 4S? That's just a speculation, but doesn't seem impossible any more.

Apart from that, the iPhone 4S has launched with tremendous success selling 4 million units over the first weekend of availability. Sprint and AT&T said they had record sales on day one of offering the new iPhone, so we have every reason to believe that C Spire Wireless will get a huge boost in subscriber count with the new offer.

Currently, the carrier lures in subscribers with its unlimited data offerings starting at the industry challenging $50 a month. This plan includes 500 minutes, unlimited text and network minutes. $70 a month buys you all you can eat everything - data, minutes and texts. Could this make you consider the regional carrier?

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