iPhone 3G hands on

iPhone 3G hands on
It's here. It's black or white. It has 3G and GPS. It runs anywhere from $199 to $799. It'll cost you $10 more per month if you want any text messages. Lines are still hours long across the country, but the million dollar question "is it worth it?" remains.  We've just gotten our hands on a nice shiny black 16GB model and it feels a bit better than the original due to the rounded edges, though ever so slightly thicker.

The App Store is very cool. We were able to download AIM in under a minute, though we are running off Wi-Fi since we can't pull a 3G signal right now despite being well within AT&T's claimed 3G area. Activation went off with minimal issue; it did time out on us during each step, but went through on the first retry every time. The UI is still the best out there. The plastic back definitely feels different but not necessarily bad. Overall, our initial impressions are good, though it doesn't really feel like anything new and special this time around. Over the next few days, we'll be diving deep into the iPhone 3G, Stay tuned for our detailed review!

Apple iPhone 3G Specifications

Hands-on with iPhone 3G



1. unregistered

Very overated... Still no MMS, crippled bluetooth, no video, no voice commads, crummy camera & inferior network. I've got LG dare...SIIICK... 3.2 camera with flash, mms, video recorder, voice commands, ability to send/rec files via bluetooth, stereo blutooth and most important amazing 3g / voice service. I don't understand the hype about this phone... it doesn't really do much but look pretty.

2. unregistered

LG dare is sick, and the touchscreen is worthless. By the way with 3rd party apps many things will be changing. You are obviously one of the haters who's never had the pleasure of using an iPhone, get a life, if you dont' like it stay out of the threads for the tons of people that do.

6. unregistered

hahah, how many times am i going to read .... OVER RATED...crippled this, crippled that. SHUT UP!!!

9. mikehatesapple unregistered

it's a phone with a logo of an stupid apple. come on people, who the hell cares. all i can say for all you fan boys( and i stress boys) is get a life. waiting at 6:30 AM for a damn phone is pathetic.

16. unregistered

i agree with comment #16, that is pathetic. That's why all you apple heads got punked by apple when they drop the price of the phone a month after you guys bought it when it first came out last year.

26. mikehatesapple unregistered

yep, if steve jobs put out a new product that was merely a piece of his shit then everyone would buy it. that is how manipulated everyone is by this stupid company.

28. unregistered

blackberry thunder iphones final killer

39. unregistered

The Iphone is completely changing the mobile world and you can say what you want but it is a great phone that is pushing the mobile world and bringing the Mobile service providers to there knees. And breaking down the walls and pushing each and every company to have an answer to it. So all of you can say what you will but the iphone and the dare and any other sweet phone out there is a true sign that the customer is the winner in all of this. Whats up with all the bashing on this web site anyway its about the phones kids we read this site because we are geeks and we love anything with buttons and lights so forget about all the bashing and sit back and enjoy some of the best devices to ever fit in our pockets!!!!!

41. unregistered

Haha bringing the providers to their knees? The only provider apple is killing is AT&T. AT&T is getting such a terrible return on this it will kill profitability. Since the first iphone all Verizon has done is sit back and watch the bad business decisions, oh, and surpase AT&T in customers. Thats right. Even with the iphone VZW pass AT&T. And Now the Altell purchase will seal the deal.

42. unregistered

i have worked at AT&T and now I work at Verizon people did NOT camp outside our doors for the dare! hands down at&t has the BEST phones. i believe the iphone is by far the best phone out there. i have used the LG dare and the thing is you are so limited to the same LAME unser interface that verizon puts on ALL their phones. with the iPhone there are hundreds of applications that you wouldn't even be able to touch with the Dare. There's also jailbreaking which makes the iPhone untouchable by ANY phone EVER made. All the ppl who have bad things to say about the iPhone, obviously never used or owned one. lets get your LG Dare together with my OLD iphone and i bet it will run circles around your phone with all the extra stuff it can do with itunes.

45. VZW unregistered

I cant believe you work for Verizon and you worship AT&T and the IPhone. You really should be fired for your comment. I am a Verizon employee and the reason for that is that I believe in the company I work for. I used to work for AT&T but did not believe in them. You came to Verizon for the wrong reasons and I am shocked that you actually got the job. You must be one of the most disrepectfull liars of all time and quite possible an aweful human being.

51. unregistered

Yet you still can't send a MMS... Stereo bluetooth, oh no not that either. How about a video to share?..No?... You don't know what your talking about man...

55. unregistered

You could be possible the most brain washed person I have seen. I applaud your loyalty but I gaurentee you your company does not share your same views. Push comes to shove when your job is on the line maybe you can show them your posts and that may just save your job!!! (not) You are in the era of big business and what can you do for me not what can I do for you. It doesn't matter who you work for..

59. unregistered

Jobbs should launch a software upgrade that could allow the I Phone to send MMS, and video so all the VZ people would have nothing more too bash. After reading this site thats all I see. Cant send pics, cant video. Lets just say that happend tomorrow, what the hell are you guys going to bitch about then? Man that IPhone, its comes in white or black, who the hell does that.

64. d2 unregistered

very foolish statement...Verizon is still only has 67 million customers and will only surpass at&t when I makes it purchase of alltel who services 13 million.

79. unregistered

Right.....the reason you work for a phone company is because you believe in them....just like this guy is "...the most disrespectfull liars of all time..." Maybe you work at Verizon because you make silly statements like that....

80. unregistered

Comment #27. How is lowering the price of the iPhone and reimbursing customers with the difference on prices getting punked? Just because your carrier does it to you doesn't mean it happens to everyone.

81. unregistered

Comment #38: First I don't think Steve Jobs would do something like that. Second, Apple is not a stupid company. Apple is an innovative, fresh, and creative company developing amazing techonolgical breakthroughs for our enjoyment.

84. vzw unregistered

Verizon, counting actual post paid customers (the only thing that counts) was already ahead of ATT before the possible merger. Nice try.

3. iphone unregistered

I like a lot of things about the iphone, specially the fact that it forced everyone to think harder about their upcoming and new products. However I do agree with the last comment, I played with a Lg Dare and I was amazed, the feedback, the camera, the speed!!, it's amazing, I also like how you can drag applications and put them directly on the main screen like a computer. Again I like my iphone and the 3g is kewl and all, but I think I am sold on the Dare.

4. Boooo unregistered

Totally true, the Dare doesn't compare to the Iphone, it surpassed and smashed the iphone by a million. Just put both phones side to side, compare the touch scree, tactics; be fare and do feature by feature and your eyes will be opened. The iphone is all about promotion and advertising, the Dare is all about features and benefits. The Dare wins!!!

5. unregistered

im sitting with both phones next to me. the dare is a good phone, but the iphone is better. the dare has touchscreen issues, and the camera is good but not as great as people are making it out to be

52. unregistered

I've had the dare since it came out and not had one problem with the touchscreen...You may want to return yours. By the way, I'm a previous Iphone user...Dare is way better. So many more options, internet it lightening and NO DROPPED CALLLLLLLS. I never thought I'd be more happy with a phone and network

7. unregistered

The Iphone is an amazing device. However, your phone is only as good as the network it's on. 3g coverage over 50% of the country is crap when other companies already have 80%.

30. unregistered

At&T's 3G covers 20% of the pop. Verizon covers 80%.

8. Sahil unregistered

Will the Jesus phone 1.5 live up to the hype?* Fixed. 2.0 is due next year. this is 1.5 if anything with REGULAR PHONE features. For god's sake just get an iPod touch its the same crap lol @ all the fanboys

10. Sahil unregistered

Also wait for Blackberry Thunder :)

17. unregistered

yeah, keep waiting and it may be out by 2010 with all the issues they are having with it..

11. JealouS_B unregistered

The Iphone has always been refered to as the really hot chick that doesn't have much going on upstairs. So we all want one but after awhile you need more depth. Enter Iphone 3G, same chick only cheaper and better implants. I will say thats a hard deal to pass up but I guess I'll just think with my bigger head.

14. unregistered

haha thats very well put, best ive ever heard!!

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