iPad typos – fat fingers or Apple’s fault?

iPad typos – fat fingers or Apple’s fault?
Typing on an iPad often requires a certain degree of precision and/or patience. Most of us assume the screen is a bit to cramp for optimal typing or chalk our blunders up to a classic case of fat fingers. Dave Addey did some tests filming his typing on an iPad and the results are interesting to say the least.

In his experiment, Addey typed an unfamiliar paragraph. The results are, he made three legitimate errors, however, the keyboard accounted for an additional 20 errors. Of those 20 input errors, autocorrect only matched to snag 8 of them. As you can see below, Addey’s typos are in green, blue text was corrected by autocorrect, and everything in red was left as is.

This test was conducted using Pages, but he also repeated his experiment in Notes and Mail. Finding similar results in all three programs lends him to hypothesize that the soft keyboard may be deliberately dropping keys to maintain a smooth performance, but it is definitely not passing all registered key presses to the application. You can view his test in its entirety in the slow motion video below.

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source: RegHardware

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