Two billion devices run iOS globally, a huge milestone

Two billion devices run iOS globally, a huge milestone
Apple today announced a pretty huge milestone for its iOS operating system - it's now the backbone of a whole lot of 2 billion devices around the world. This was announced in the very beginning of Apple's September 12 event, which is still ongoing at the time of writing.

Needless to say, that's some healthy competition to Android, which is also powering a big chunk of electronics around the globe.

Tim Cook did not mention a breakdown between the iPhones and iPads comprising this humongous tally, but it's logical to assume the iPhone vastly outnumber their larger brethren.

As the Apple event is still going on at the time of writing, so we'd expect more to be mentioned of iOS' future once the new iPhones get unveiled.




1. Atechguy0

Posts: 918; Member since: Aug 03, 2018

That's 2 billion iOS devices since it started back in 2007. Android sells 1.3 billion devices every year. Still not bad for Apple.

4. piyath

Posts: 2445; Member since: Mar 23, 2012

iOS devices are not as cheap like some Android devices which are $50 In fact the ASP of the iPhone on Q3 2018 is $700, iOS devices are so much beautiful than android, they are so secure than any android in the world.

5. cmdacos

Posts: 4099; Member since: Nov 01, 2016

Check your facts

9. MarvzIsFallen

Posts: 646; Member since: Aug 11, 2017

Government pays $$$ just to unlock iphones from criminals.

8. mootu

Posts: 1500; Member since: Mar 16, 2017

You do know these numbers include things like iPods, that number alone is around 400 million. Tag on around 400 million iPads and it looks like Apple will be lucky to have sold 1.2 billion iPhones, less than the number Android sells each year.

6. Ninetysix

Posts: 2962; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

Sells 1.3B devices every year. 2.3B active Android users as of January 2018. I'm not impressed brosephine.

10. Vokilam

Posts: 1181; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

No he’s right, most of abdroid marketshare are disposale $50 devices. It’s like comparing plastic disposable cup sales to ceramic cups you have at your home. A bag of throwaway cups you use at your party is 30 for $5. But unlike your ceramics, these end up in the trash after one use, unlike flagship devices which people keep for at least 3 years. By that logic, Android has higher sales of cheap devices for which Apple doesn’t cater for. In countries where wealth is higher on average iPhones tend to have bigger market share vs the rest of companies. Samsung sells a lot - but it’s ASP is at $250 - meaning it’s mostly cheap $100 devices vs their $1000 phones. It is possible that android users just buy cheaper devices more frequently than iOS usersbecause these cheap android devices don’t hold up well.

13. worldpeace

Posts: 3127; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

Read the article again, it said "2 billion devices around the world". It doesn't said the anything about "active iOS devices"

14. midan

Posts: 2708; Member since: Oct 09, 2017

Android is operating system, it doesn't sell anything, iOS=Apple no-one else.

2. Fred3

Posts: 495; Member since: Jan 16, 2018

Google if you want to be like Apple this is the process you should copy.

3. gamehead unregistered


7. koeosdano

Posts: 13; Member since: Jul 27, 2018

So secure that has been hacked by 16 YEAR OLD BOY FOR 1 YEAR?

11. Vokilam

Posts: 1181; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Show me where a 16 year old hacked an iPhone! Or any iOS device?

12. Vokilam

Posts: 1181; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Show me where a 16 year old hacked an iPhone! Or any iOS device?

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