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iOS 7.1.1 brings zippier, more accurate Touch ID

iOS 7.1.1 brings zippier, more accurate Touch ID
Notice a change in the speed and accuracy of Touch ID on the Apple iPhone 5s, after the update to iOS 7.1.1.? That is because Apple has allegedly changed the scanning process in the new iOS build, that recognizes the person who belongs to each fingerprint faster than before. With iOS 7.1.1, Touch ID takes multiple scans of your fingerprint in each position, instead of just a single scan. It then uses algorithms to predict problems with the scans that could take place in the future.

Originally, Touch ID was supposed to improve its accuracy every time you scanned a particular finger. But that was not true if your initial set-up was a bad one. If the first scan you took had problems, your scans would not gradually improve, unless you set-up your finger again from scratch.

With iOS 7.1.1, a poor set-up the first time you scan your finger, won't lead to constantly poor readings. In addition, the update improves accuracy using Touch ID. The update to iOS 7.1.1. also lowers the number of calculations required by the Apple iPhone 5s, before it unlocks the phone. Bottom line? A faster and more accurate fingerprint scanner on the device.

And code found in iOS 7.1.1, reveals that Touch ID is coming to the Apple iPad Air 2 and/or the next iteration of the Apple iPad mini with Retina display. The faster and more accurate the fingerprint reader works, the less "gimmicky" and more use useful the feature appears to be.

source: DailyMobile
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