iOS 5 hints at new iPad and iPhone models, works well on an iPhone 3GS

iOS 5 hints at new iPad and iPhone models, works well on an iPhone 3GS
The iOS 5 beta has been making the rounds since yesterday, and a lot of folks installed it, since it's a fairly simple process, if you ask Google. Buried in the coding, however, are hints towards upcoming Apple devices, as usual.

Crafty people managed to unearth references to two upcoming iPhone models, the "iPhone4,1" and "iPhone4,2" as well as an "iPad3,1" and "iPad3,2". The Verizon iPhone 4 was referenced as "iPhone 3,3" in the beta of the previous iOS version, months before it hit retail. These might be versions for different carrier networks, or the versions after the next, already in the works. What the source finds interesting, though, is that there was no reference to newer models in the iPod touch line.

Well, iOS5 is not only a forward-looking mobile OS, but backwards compatible, too. Its beta has already been installed on an iPhone 3GS, contrary to what someone hinted last week. Apple had a disclaimer when announcing the iOS 5 compatibility with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, that not all features might be available on all these devices.

It might have meant that the split keyboard won't be present on the iPhone 4, of course, which is a no-brainer, but also that in older devices, like the iPhone 3GS, some features might be absent. So far iOS 5 seems to be working fine on the 3GS, at least in the major areas like Notification Center, Twitter integration, Newsstand, the exposure/brightness gesture in the Camera app, as well as the Reading list in Safari.

Some features, however, like on-device video editing and Safari Reader are not present, but let's not forget this is a beta version, hacked to work on the iPhone 3GS, so we'll save judgment for the final release. Have a look at how the iOS 5 beta behaves on an iPhone 3GS in the video below.

source: RedmondPie & MacRumors



1. toottoot unregistered

more of the same

2. Slimweed unregistered

Hmmmm if iphone mini comes ...there is no point in releasing ipod touch ... Hoping for iphone mini to be released this fall

6. AppleFanboy

Posts: 142; Member since: Jun 07, 2011

WHY???? the phone is already small enough, a slightly bigger screen would be helpful, hopefully Apple doesnt do something foolish like an iPhone mini, that'd be a really dumb idea from a prestigious company like them

7. slimweed

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 08, 2011

iphone mini doent mean to be with smalller screen but a stripped down lower mp camera ....

4. vette21man

Posts: 351; Member since: Apr 06, 2011

Hm...I didn't hear anything about widgets announced at WWDC keynote, but I realize Apple only had time to showcase their top 10 upgrades. Makes me excited to learn about their other "200+ upgrades." I kind of like the widgets in the notifications pull down. It doesn't obstruct your spring board (home screen). I'm interested to see what other widgets Apple allows...hoping it's not JUST weather and stocks. Would be nice to see RSS updates, Twitter/Facebook updates, ESPN scores...with the OPTION of placing these widgets on the home screen if you wanted. If not allowed by Apple, I'm sure the jailbreak community will figure this out.

8. topshelf1800 unregistered

after reading the ios5 update... I was blown away at how much Apple is playing catch-up while not even making an attempt to innovate. Androids rapid development cycles are obviously proving to be a huge headache for Cuptertino. Whatever. Ill be happy to tell people that the brand new iPhone 4GS has all the same features the Incredible had last year. Never mind the Incredible 2, DX2 and the 4G LTE phones.

9. ANDRO unregistered

ios 5,proof ios is playing catch up to android,love it!

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