You can now turn off the weather from At a Glance widget in Pixel Launcher

You can now turn off the weather from At a Glance widget in Pixel Launcher
Google brought the At a Glance widget to its Pixel phones a few years ago, running it on devices with Android 7.0 or higher.

Since then, the iconic widget has been a fairly consistent feature of Google's Pixel Launcher (i.e. the Home Screen setup in Pixel smartphones). It always shows the day and date in an easily visible space, and keeps you abreast of upcoming events or appointments, which it draws from the Google Calendar App. 

It also shows the present weather at your location, with simple cartoon images signifying rainy, sunny, or cloudy weather. And in 2020, Google began including important weather alerts as pop-up widgets appearing in the At a Glance space, much like the calendar event pop-ups. 

However, there wasn't much of an ability to choose which elements are shown or hidden on the widget, nor was it possible to toggle the At a Glance on or off. 

There were some issues with the widget disappearing and coming back on its own a couple of years ago, but that wasn't exactly what users were hoping for in terms of customizability.

Soon, Google is going to allow you to disable the weather section in At a Glance, as was discovered by 9to5Google. Although you still can't get rid of the general widget unless you install a completely different launcher, you can make it a little less crowded than before.

In order to get rid of it, you need to tap and hold on the At a Glance Widget. Then, choose Preferences. (An alternative way is to go to Assistant Settings > Personalization.) 

There, you will see a toggle for Weather — Current weather information. Once you do that, the little weather icon (which uses as its source) will be gone for your screen and the day/time will shift to the middle.

Google is bringing this weather toggle feature along with the release of Google app v.12.22.

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