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You can finally share tweets to Instagram Stories!

You can finally share tweets to Instagram Stories!
Most people who regularly use multiple social media platforms have, at some point or another, experienced the hassle of trying to share a Tweet to their Instagram Story. Until now, the only way to do so was by taking a screenshot of the Tweet, and uploading that to your Instagram as an image from your gallery. 

In a world so used to achieving maximum efficiency and speed in day-to-day tasks, coupled with instant gratification, this was an issue that should have been taken care of long ago—as Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms out there.

Twitter has finally taken a step forward and made our lives easier by integrating a native Twitter option to instantly share a Tweet directly into your Instagram Story, in the form of a sticker. 

This means you'll be able to tack the Tweet onto anything else in your actual Story, such as a relevant photo or your own reaction to the Tweet. It'll no longer have to be a giant screenshot taking up all the space and spotlight, and sharing it will now be a matter of seconds.

In order to use the new feature, you just have to tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories." This will trigger your Instagram to pop open, where you will have the option to resize or reposition the Tweet as a sticker on your story, before you post it.

Right now, the ability to share Tweets to Instagram Stories is only available on Apple iOS devices, although we're sure it'll expend to Android eventually as well. The feature has already begun rolling out worldwide and should be available to all iPhone users around the world very soon.

What's more, Twitter is also testing out the option to share a Tweet sticker as an Instagram post as well—rather than just to a Story. Apparently, this feature is already available to some users as a test run, before being officially released.

This isn't the only novelty the media platform has brought to us lately: yesterday, Twitter also introduced Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces as an initiative towards improving Twitter monetization. 
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