Share Amazon Prime account and benefits with someone without giving away your password

Share Amazon Prime account benefits with someone without giving away your password
We've all been there - you want to order a screen protector, a charger, or watch the new Fast & Furious movie (OK, maybe not this one), but you don't have a Prime account!

What do you do? You ask your roommate for the password. They give it to you because you've been sharing your toilet paper for the past two years. Then you decide to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on high volume at 2 AM - with their Prime account. They get mad at you (duh!); you start using separate toilet paper rolls; your friendship is over.

OK, maybe that's exaggerated, but you get the point. Why be mad when you can be glad! Taylor Swift said it. You can share your Prime benefits with a member of your household; wait for it… for free!

That's right! Prime members can share certain benefits with another adult in their Amazon Household. Now you can make it official instead of having "one-night streams" (wink).

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To share Prime benefits and digital content between adults, both adults need to link their accounts through Amazon Household and choose to share payment methods, or to have one of their own. Both adults get to keep their personal account while sharing Prime benefits.

When creating an Amazon Household, you'll be asked to review your content sharing settings through Family Library. If you don't want to share some, or any of the content, you don't have to! There’s no more peeking on Prime Video history, or order history on Amazon Shopping. No one will find out you ordered a tank top... for your teddy bear.


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To share your Amazon Prime benefits:

  1. Go to Your Amazon Prime Membership on your phone or browser.
  2. Find the Share your Prime Benefits section.
  3. Choose Manage Your Household.
  4. Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share benefits with.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. You now need to agree with the terms and send the invite. Your friend/family member has 14 days to accept the invitation.

You can only share the benefits listed below:

Shipping benefits:
  • FREE Two-Day Prime Shipping
  • Prime Now
  • AmazonFresh (requires additional AmazonFresh subscription)

Digital benefits:
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Reading
  • First Reads
  • Amazon Photos (unlimited photo & video storage)
  • Audible Channels

Discounts and Exclusives:
  • Prime Early Access
  • Prime Day Access
  • Prime-exclusive pricing on Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited subscriptions
  • Amazon Family: Up to 20% off subscriptions for diapers, baby food and more, and a 15% off Baby Registry completion discount (tip: don't make a baby just because you get a 20% discount on baby supplies; do it for the child support money!)
  • 2% rewards every time you reload your Gift Card Balance with your checking account with a linked debit card

Also, to share benefits, you and the other person must live in the same country or region and share a preferred marketplace to create an Amazon Household - meaning you get Prime only for one country. That applies to any Prime user ever, so you aren't losing out on anything. Technically, you don't need to share the 

Don’t forget that you and the other person must agree to "share wallets". You choose how you’d like to do that during the setup process. Don't worry! Amazon promises to notify you if your friend moves your credit or debit card to their wallet - no pranks or, well… theft.

If things reeeally take a turn, you can also stop sharing benefits with your household member. To do this, go to Manage Your Household and tap on Remove.

For more help, check out Amazon's dedicated guide for sharing Prime benefits.

Disclaimer: Taylor Swift & Vin Diesel didn't have editorial input or an early preview of this article. They haven't provided any compensation for mentioning their names either (which is a shame).

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