How to find the best screen protector? Tips with amFilm glass protectors for iPhone 12

How to find the best screen protector?
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Smartphones are expensive. And we are all familiar with the very unpleasant feeling of damaging your phone. The horror is so pervasive in our culture that even hearing somebody else drop their phone will make you cringe on the inside.

So, we protect them. Grab a case, grab a good screen protector. Because that glass panel — no matter how strong they say it is — will get mini scratches over time, and it will shatter after an unfortunate drop.

OK, but what makes a good screen protector?

Well, there are a number of things you should be looking for.

  • Tempered glass screen protectors are better than plain plastic ones
They feel better to the touch and they are arguably better at defending the screen

  • They need to be thin yet durable
I’ve literally seen a screen protector start crumbling from the edge and move towards the middle of the screen

  • They need to fit the device just right
A warped screen protector can lift off from the screen and create ugly bubbles. Some screen protectors’ edges don’t go all the way to the end of the screen and create an annoying “rainbow” edge. On the other hand, they need to stay within their bounds and not mesh with phone cases, too

  • They need to be easy to install
I’ve ruined plenty of screen protectors by putting them on crooked and therefore having to remove them. Bonus points for screen protectors that come with all the accessories you need.

I need a screen protector for iPhone 12

There are plenty of options out there, but some are better than others. We have the pleasure of presenting the Techmatte amFilm OneTouch glass screen protector. Let’s see if it ticks all the right boxes.

►︎ amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

►︎ amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 Pro Max

►︎ amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 mini

Tempered glass? Check. Thin protector with a good fit? Double check. Easy to install? Oh, boy! That’s where the name OneTouch comes from.

See, the amFilm screen protector comes in a plastic tray that is designed to perfectly fit around your iPhone 12. You just slap it on there and you don't need to worry about aligning the screen protector yourself. First, use the provided accessories (wet cloth, dry cloth, dust-cleaning stickers) to perfectly wipe down your screen. Then, remove the plastic cover of the screen protector and place the tray over the phone.

When everything is just right, you put a finger on the very edge of the screen protector and watch as it slowly begins the process of sticking to the screen in a satisfying slow wave. Then, you just remove the iPhone from the tray, and you are done — a professional fit, as if you had it done in the store.

Head on to the following links to pick yourself up an amFilm screen protector for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 mini. And enjoy!

►︎amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

►︎ amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 Pro Max

►︎ amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 12 mini

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