HBO Max cheaper ad-supported plan reportedly coming in June

HBO Max cheaper ad-supported plan reportedly coming in June
HBO Max is already one of the most expensive streaming services in the United States, and that gave WarnerMedia an idea. Last month, the media giant confirmed plans to introduce a cheaper ad-supported plan for those who can't afford to pay $15 per month for the regular plan.

However, WarnerMedia did not say when the plan will be launched and how much it will cost. CBNC claims sources close to the company say HBO Max will introduce a cheaper service in June that will cost just $9.99.

The new ad-supported plan will be available via AT&T at first, but pay-TV distributors might be willing to accept the cheaper service too, even though they would get a lower revenue percentage per user.

It's also important to mention that HBO Max will not run ads during original shows, but everything else will be peppered with commercials; that's something that WarnerMedia has already confirmed last month.

Initially, WarnerMedia considered a much cheaper $4.99 ad-supported plan that would offer just HBO Max content, but the company decided to go for a more varied product in the end.


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