Google's Gemini AI assistant may be coming to Gmail for Android

Google's Gemini AI assistant may be coming to Gmail for Android
If you're a Google Workspace user, you might already be familiar with how Gemini, the company's AI, has been hanging out in Gmail on the web, helping summarize emails for you. Well, now, it's looking Gemini is about to make its way to the Gmail app on your Android phone as well, according to some hints found in the code.

The folks over at Android Authority, in collaboration with Android code expert AssembleDebug, have been digging around in the Gmail app's code and found some clues that Gemini might be soon integrated into it in the form of a button.

While this is not a guarantee that the feature will be publicly released, it does suggest that Google is actively exploring integrating Gemini into its mobile email app. If implemented, the Gemini button would provide users with a wider range of AI-powered functionalities beyond the existing "summarize this email" feature.

Credit: Android Authority

Early indications indicate that Gemini could be capable of assisting with tasks such as drafting replies, adjusting the tone of emails, and potentially even handling non-email related tasks. It's also been reported that the AI might be able to reference information from previous emails to provide additional context during interactions. However, the full integration with Gmail seen in the web version may not be immediately available.

It's important to note that this feature, if released, may be limited to Google Workspace users, as is currently the case with the web version of Gemini. This potential expansion of Gemini's capabilities could significantly enhance the Gmail experience for Android users, simplifying email management through the power of AI.

While Google has not yet officially confirmed these as upcoming updates, this APK breakdown points towards a future for AI integration in everyday applications. As tech continues to advance, we can anticipate that there is more AI to come to improve productivity and user experience.

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