Google will soon warn you in search when a heatwave is imminent

Google will soon warn you in search when a heatwave is imminent
Ah, Google. It does a lot more than just present results nowadays, huh? And we’re not talking about the company manufacturing some of the best Android phones on the market, but rather referring to search pages themselves.

It’s a memorable experience for everyone when they’ve witnessed their first Google easter egg, like the infamous zerg rush. But we’ve passed the era of simple hidden gems and now the search pages of the engine can display direct results, quotes, all sorts of converters and even a fully functioning calculator!

In its strive for non-stop improvement, Google is prepping to show further detailed reports, curated based on the user’s location. And the next feature on the list is meant to issue warnings related to excessive heat, so that you know to stay indoors to be safe.

The info will be provided by the Global Heat Health Information Network or GHHIN for short. The aim of the quick-to-access information will be to prevent as many of the numerous effects from hot weather. In order to boost the success rate of the feature, Google will be displaying tips on how to stay cool too.

For the sake of staying informed, information related to the potential dangers of warm weather will be displayed too. This upcoming update may be inspired by the record-breaking searches related to heatwaves in 2022, as shared by Google.

It is not clear when this update will become available, nor if it will be a worldwide rollout, but is expected to drop just in time for Summer. This is yet another welcomed addition to Google’s ever-growing repertoire of features, which will hopefully help many people out.

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