Google could be working on "Switch to Android" app with iCloud to Google Photos data migration feature

Google could be working on "Switch to Android" app with iCloud to Google Photos image migration feat
Google has always been great with data migration and backup. Despite that, migrating from iOS to an Android phone might be difficult despite things like SMS messages, Wi-Fi passwords, and other basic things that get backed up to your Google account. Now, XDA-Developers reports about a possibility that the Switch to Android app for iOS might get the option to transfer photos from iCloud Photos to Google Photos.

Switch to Android might be able to copy data in iCloud Photos to Google Photos

Last year, there was evidence that Google is working on an app for iOS called "Switch to Android", which should make it easier for you if you're changing your phone from an iPhone to an Android phone, to get your data transferred easily. However, it was not clear at the beginning what data could this app migrate, and now, a new report from 9to5Google shows a hint about that.

A string of code was discovered in the latest version of Google's Data Transfer Tool, which currently only works on Android-to-Android data transfer. This code hints that the app could help you copy your existing photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos.

Here's what the discovered line of code reads:

The link indicated in the line of code leads to an article (it existed before) that showcases how you can copy your data from Apple and select your Google account as the destination of the copy. However, it may be so that the app will make this a simpler process.

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Additionally, there is a string in the code that refers to "lightning cable", which could mean you could connect an iPhone to an Android device to quickly migrate the data.

As Google I/O 2022 is approaching, to happen in the month of May, we may hear more about this possibility then. Until then, these are still rumors and not official information, so do keep this in mind.

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