Google confirms another service will be discontinued in September

Google confirms another service will be discontinued in September
Google’s graveyard is getting bigger with each month. The search giant’s latest victim is Stack: PDF Scanner, a service that allows users to scan and manage documents.

This time around the reasoning behind the decision to kill the app makes perfect sense, so we don’t think Google is to blame (or is it?). According to the Mountain View company, the same functionality provided by Stack: PDF Scanner has been added to the Google Drive app.

If you’re one of the app’s users, Google is trying to make the transition to Drive much easier, so you’ll have access to a tool that allows you to export all your Stack documents to Google Drive.

Obviously, there’s no point in continuing to use Stack: PDF Scanner now that Google announced it will shut down the app in just a few months, so if you need to scan and organize important documents, start using Google Drive instead.

Here is how you can export your Stack documents to Google Drive:

  • Open Stack app
  • Tap Account / Settings / Export all documents to Drive
  • Confirm by tapping Export

It’s a very simple process that will make it so all your Stack documents will be transferred to the My Drive section of your Google Drive. You’ll recognize them easily since the app will create a green folder titled “Stack.”

Now, if you just want to export a single document from Stack, you’ll need to follow this simple process:

  • Open Stack app
  • Tap to open the document you want to export
  • Tap Share
  • Select the app to export to (Google Drive in this case)

Keep in mind that Stack: PDF Scanner will continue to work for a few more months. However, starting the week of September 23, 2024, support for this functionality will be removed, so make sure to have all your documents exported to Google Drive by then.

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