Google brings important feature to Pixel Watch users paying for Fitbit Premium

Google brings important feature to Pixel Watch users paying for Fitbit Premium
Google announced that one of the features that was mainly available on Fitbit smartwatches is headed to Pixel Watch: Sleep Profile. Of course, since this is part of the premium subscription introduced by Fitbit, you are required to be a Fitbit Premium member to use it.

With Fitbit Premium’s Sleep Profile, Google Pixel Watch users will be given additional ways to interpret their sleep information, get more insight into their sleep style over time, including how routines and actions impact sleep, as well as find new ways to get better a night’s rest.

So, if you’re a Premium member and own a Google Pixel Watch, you should now be able to access the new Sleep Profile feature via the Fitbit app. If you’re not familiar with Sleep Profile, this can provide a monthly analysis that usually takes into account 10 different aspects of sleep, such as sleep duration, bedtime consistency and disrupted sleep.

Interestingly enough, the analysis is meant to provide you with a bigger picture when it comes to your sleep patterns and habits. Fitbit categorized these sleep patterns based on animals, so the information you get will determine your sleep animal, which represents what type of sleeper you were that month.

Each animal has a corresponding type of sleeper. For example, a giraffe, which is also the most common type of sleeper, is someone who doesn’t get a lot of sleep but sleeps solidly when they do. In addition to these insights, Sleeper Profile will also provide an analysis of how your sleep patterns compare to someone of a similar age and gender to give you an idea of where you are, and maybe try to improve.

That said, the first sleep pattern analysis that Google Pixel Watch will get should arrive on November 22, but only for those who wore their smartwatch during sleep for at least 14 nights in October. Otherwise, you’ll be getting your results for the month of November on December 1.

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