Google announces extended repair program for select Pixel 8 units

Google announces extended repair program for select Pixel 8 units
It might sound surprising but companies like Apple and Google only offer one year of standard manufacturer’s warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. In comparison, Samsung offers two years of warranty for its phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Of course, customers can extend the warranty of Apple and Google devices, but that requires paying extra. When it comes to Google phones, this is very important because the Mountain View company has a history of users experiencing nasty hardware issues.

If the hardware problem is widespread, Google usually offers extended repair program for devices affected, but if it’s not, then you’re stuck with a faulty Pixel phone.

The Pixel 8 is the latest Google device experiencing display issues. As such, the search giant announced an Extended Repair Program for a limited number of Pixel 8 devices. Specifically, only those units that may experience display related vertical line and flickering issues qualify for the program.

Customers who own a Pixel 8 are only eligible for the Extended Repair Program if both requirements listed below are met:

  • Exhibits a vertical line running from the bottom of the display to the top or a display flicker and:
  • Has a device identifier (e.g., IMEI, serial number) determined by Google or an authorized repair partner, as qualifying for this program

If your phone qualifies for the extended repair program, then Google will offer support coverage for 3 years after the date of original retail purchase. In this case, you’ll be getting one free display replacement for your Pixel 8.

It’s also important to mention that “any repair under this Extended Repair Program is warranted for 90 days.” Google says that the program announced today doesn’t extend the standard warranty coverage of the Pixel 8.

Keep in mind that if you have a Pixel 8 that had its display or coverglass cracked or the device has been exposed to other forms of damage, including liquid intrusion, it may not qualify for this program.

Last but not least, Google says that customers with Pixel 8 phones that are experiencing similar display or other issues, but are not eligible for the Extended Repair Program, may still be covered under its Limited Warranty. If not, then … tough luck.

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