Google is going to let you make your own AI model through NotebookLM and testing begins soon

Google is going to let you make your own AI model through NotebookLM and testing begins soon
Hey there. Have you tried ChatGPT yet? Have you used any of those free AI image generators? Are you excited for your phone's assistant to actually become useful? Are you itching to get features like this on some of the best phones that are to come out in the future?

Well, then, you should know that this future is almost nigh. After all, Google spent probably about 70% of its entire I/O 2023 presentation talking about AI. After which they gave 20 minutes of spotlight-time for the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold (which, of course, will get AI-enabled features).

But we’re eager to test out AI-fueled things right now! And Bard isn’t available worldwide yet, so… How about Project Tailwind (which is now called NotebookLM)? About which, by the way, Google flexed with getting developed in about two weeks. So there. Feel good about that.

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But what is this Tailwind NotebookLM thing about? It’s about reinventing the notebook. But no, not the laptop thing, but more like… The actual, classical, textbook notebook that you write with a pen on (we used to do that a lot back in the day).

But here’s the twist: NotebookLM takes all of your notes and builds an AI model based on that information. Which enables you to do cool things such as:

  • Asking it to bring up all mentions of a topic
  • Asking you to compile a list of situations
  • Create glossaries related to a topic
  • Asking it to compare different ways that the information is being used as

And, presumably, a lot more. Now, if this sounds like the ultimate way to get your schoolwork sorted and utilized, then I can only confirm that.

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But here’s the thing: this goes way beyond just schoolwork. This tool can help you create and navigate databases or rules and guidelines for different types of hardware and software, or even simple things like a maintaining a cookbook.

Here’s an example of how that last one would go:

  1. Get all of your family recipes typed out in Google Docs
  2. Upload all of them into a single Drive folder
  3. Get the AI model to analyze them
  4. Ask it to bring up those recipes that include the ingredients that you have at home
  5. Done. You know what your options for home-made cooking are.

I like to say that the most important breakthroughs in tech are the ones that can impact everyone, regardless of position or industry, in a meaningful way. And NotebookLM absolutely sounds like just that.

And if you agree with my statement, then you need to know that NotebookLM will begin a gradual release to the public from here on out. If you can’t wait to try it out, then you should sign up to get notified through this link. Then comes the painful part: the waiting. But for a project like this? I can be a bit more patient for sure

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