Google Meet levels up live streaming with mobile interactive features

Google Meet levels up live streaming with mobile interactive features
Google Meet continues to enhance its live streaming capabilities, and the latest update is a game-changer for mobile users. In a recent announcement on the Google Workspace Blog, Google unveiled the addition of interactive features for ultra-low latency live streams on Android and iOS devices.

Imagine joining a live stream from your phone and being able to react in real time, ask questions during a Q&A, or participate in polls. This level of interactivity was previously limited, but Google's new features are changing the game.

These features are designed to make virtual events, meetings, and classes more immersive and collaborative. By allowing participants to actively engage from their mobile devices, Google Meet is bridging the gap between in-person and online interactions.

It's worth noting that this enhanced functionality is currently available for ultra-low latency live streams, meaning those with minimal delay. While the standard live streaming experience remains unchanged, this update is a significant step towards making virtual events more engaging and dynamic.

Credit: Google

Google has specified that live streaming is available for specific Google Workspace editions, including Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus. However, the good news is that a wider range of Workspace users can still view these live streams, ensuring that the benefits of this update are accessible to a broad audience.

The rollout has already been completed for both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains, so if you're a Google Meet user, you might already have access to these exciting new features. The expansion of this feature shows that Google is serious about continuously improving its Workspace tools. By empowering mobile users to engage more actively in live streams, Google is making sure that the benefits don't stay limited to brick and mortar workplace buildings, on a desktop or laptop device.

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