Google Maps' Insights feature is rolling out in more countries

Google Maps' Insights feature is rolling out in more countries
Google continues to work hard on improving Google Maps. The app does so much more than just help take you quickly and safely from point "A" to point "B" as it gives you the names of places to visit, where you should go to eat, events that you should attend while in town, and more. And now a newly redesigned feature named Google Maps' Insights provides users with data about their travels that they might find helpful.

Insights can show you the places that you've been traveling to and whether you got there by walking, biking, or by driving. You'll see your travel history along with interesting information that reveals the busiest day of each month, the name of the attractions you've been visiting, the hotels where you've been staying, and the stores where you have been spending money.

This might sound typically Google with all of your information being gobbled up, even if it is supposed to be for your benefit. But you can keep the information of your travels to yourself by using Google Maps while in incognito mode (you know, the feature with the icon that reminds you of Breaking Bad's Walter White). You can also keep your privacy while using Google Maps by not logging in before you start to use the app.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to use incognito mode on Google Maps. you will be unable to save your search or browsing history or send notifications. You also won't be able to update Location History or shared location or personalize Google Maps.

Insights is part of the the Google Maps Timeline feature which can be found by tapping on your profile icon on the upper right corner of the Google Maps screen. The redesigned Insights is now rolling out to more regions around the world and Germany's SmartDroid (via AndroidPolice) posted an image of the feature appearing in Germany containing all the statistics and data that Insights provides.The feature is also now rolling out in the U.K.

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