Google Drive rolls out enhanced search on Android so you can find your files quicker

Google Drive rolls out enhanced search on Android
If you use Google Drive on an iOS device, you've probably noticed how much better the search function has become since the rollout of enhanced search features last month. Unfortunately, when this initially rolled out, it was limited to iOS only, leaving Android users out. However, as Google announced today in the Google Workspace Updates weekly recap, this will now be made available on Android as well.

Previously, Google Drive's search was working fine, but it could be hit or miss depending on the search. However, Google has overhauled the system to make finding your files much smoother. These updates focus on two areas in particular.

First, you can now search for specific file types directly within the search bar. This means instead of just hoping for the best when typing in a document name, you can narrow it down by adding ".pdf" or ".docx" to your search terms. This is very handy if you know exactly what you're looking for and will likely speed up your search.

The second major change as part of this update is that Google Drive search will now take into account the actual content of your files, live as you search. Now, alongside matching file names and folders, it'll pick up on keywords within your documents or spreadsheets, showing you relevant query filters as you type your query,

Google originally rolled this feature out to iOS users in March, and now it's making its way to Android, thus now including a large part of the app's user base. If you're an Android user, the update should hit your device soon, as it is already rolling out for both Rapid and Scheduled Release domains. Although it is a feature technically released for Google Workspace customers, this enhancement is available to everyone who uses Google Drive – whether you have a Google Workspace account or a free personal Google account.

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