You can now create your own custom alarm sounds within the Google Clock app

You can now create your own custom alarm sounds within the Google Clock app
The Google Clock app has a decent selection of device sounds that can be used for your alarms, as well as the option to pick from sounds already saved on your device or from YouTube Music when you want to wake up to just the right song. However, one thing the app has always lacked is the ability to record your own sounds. Who knows? Maybe you want to give yourself a pep talk or want to wake up to a special unique sound.

Thankfully, a server-side update is rolling out to version 7.3 of the app which adds this ability, so you can now use custom alarm sounds for both regular alarms and timers. This is in addition to playing sounds that have been saved in the Files app or elsewhere on the device. Under "Your sounds," however, you'll find a brand-new option: the "Record new" button.

This was first spotted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter and then reported on by 9to5Google. For now, this feature seems to be exclusive to Pixel phones, however, some users of non-Pixel devices are claiming that the update is accessible on their devices as well if they are using custom ROMs like Lineage OS.

To record your own custom alarm sound in the Clock app, tap the "Record new" button which will take you straight into the Google Recorder app. Once done, both the Google Clock app and the Google Recorder app will update to include your custom alarm sound along with the time and date that you recorded it.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a way to rename your recorded sounds when captured from within the Clock app, however, you can rename them after the fact using the Recorder app. Keep in mind, though, that any changes you make to the recording's name will only reflect in the Recorder app and not show within the Clock app.

As this update is being pushed and is not necessarily a feature of version 7.3 of the Clock app, it is entirely possible that you could have the correct version and not see this feature yet. However, the good news is that you may not have to wait long to see this option show up in the next few days.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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