Google Calendar and Tasks may finally tie the knot

Google Calendar and Tasks may finally tie the knot
Ever since the mobile operating system called Android became ubiquitous many moons ago, it has been a pet peeve of ours that Google's otherwise light, fast and excellent Calendar and Tasks services didn't play well together.

As ardent users of Google Tasks, in their various syncing reincarnations over at the Play Store, our need to maintain separate entries, reminders or to-dos in two different places, has always boggled the mind.

Google, however, may have finally heard our prayers, and the folks over at XDA-Devs have unearthed commits that enable integration with Google Calendar, just like it did with Tasks and Gmail. It comes in the form of a Tasks button up in the version 2019.47.2-284533606 of Google's Calendar app. 

The integration even color-codes tasks and calendar entries so you can easily see the differentiation. Sounds can be customized, too, while the task notifications drop down in the status bar like calendar ones and can be dismissed in a similar manner. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words, though, so take a gander at what a Google Calendar and Tasks integration will look like when Google comes around to roll the red carpet for it.

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