Google Assistant can help keep you out of the rain when adding change to your parking meter

Google Assistant can help keep you out of the rain when adding change to your parking meter
Google Assistant does so many different things. The virtual helper will give you the weather anywhere in the world, turn on or off your smart lights, and calculate to the penny how much your stock portfolio rose or fell in value today. It also will answer your questions about life, set the alarm on your phone or create a timer.

And Google Assistant will also help you follow your favorite teams (the Miami Heat and Florida Panthers both win again!) And thanks to Assistant, there is no need to remember how to convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit or remember how many dollars you can get for one British Pound.

Now, Google Assistant will be able to help you pay for parking in certain garages located in more than 400 U.S. cities thanks to a partnership with ParkMobile. On the latter's web site, you can type in a venue or a city where you are going to learn the garages that are in the area. You can even reserve a parking spot for later.

Once you arrive at a parking location, Google Assistant and Google Pay can now help you pay for parking, check your parking status, and extend your parking using just your voice. Just say, "Hey Google, pay for parking" once you’ve parked, and follow Assistant prompts to pay from your phone." Say "Hey Google, parking status" to see how much time you have left on the meter and you can add to that time by using voice commands.

Information that you'll need to pay for parking via Google Assistant include the parking zone you're in, your license plate number, and a valid credit card. Find a garage that will work with Google Assistant and you no longer will have to run out in the driving rain to put more change in the meter.

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