Genshin Impact 4.7: Key game changes and an updated Resin limit

Genshin Impact 4.7: Key game changes and an updated Resin limit
Genshin Impact's 4.7 update is now live, being released on June 5, 2024. What does this mean for the ultra popular game and its fans?

There are several new changes, with the most notable being the increased Resin cap system and the new permanent mode called the Imaginarium Theater.

The latter – the Imaginarium Theater challenge domain – will be introduced in a secret chamber within Mondstadt Library. In the Imaginarium Theater, players will face combat challenges with varying difficulty levels, using characters of specified elements, with a limited number of participations. Clearing these challenges can earn players 620 Primogems each month, new photo poses for characters, and Fantastical Blessings that apply to the six featured characters of the month in the open world.

The other notable change has to do with the increased Resin cap system, which impacts how players engage with the game. Resin, a resource essential for claiming rewards from certain activities, has been a point of contention for many players due to its limited availability and the time required for it to regenerate.

Previously capped at 160, the new limit will be 240 Resin. This change allows players to store more Resin, reducing the need to log in frequently just to use up their Resin and avoid wasting it due to overflow.

Until now, Resin regenerates at a rate of one unit every eight minutes. The 4.7 update will maintain this regeneration rate.

The raised Resin cap is particularly beneficial for players who are unable to log in multiple times a day. With a higher Resin cap, players can engage in more activities in a single session without worrying about hitting the cap too soon. This means less stress about managing Resin and more freedom to enjoy the game at their own pace.

For strategic players, the new Resin cap opens up opportunities to plan their activities more effectively. With more Resin available, players can tackle more bosses, domains, and other Resin-consuming activities in one go. This change also benefits players during special events or updates when there's a surge in new content and activities that require Resin.

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