Gemini's Android app will be getting real-time responses

Gemini's Android app will be getting real-time responses, says new report
The world is all about AI at the moment (and probably will be like that for the foreseeable future). So, it's absolutely key that AI apps on phones get improvements often. Android Authority now reports that Google is working on adding a useful experience to its AI app, Gemini.

You will be able to read Gemini's response before the entirety of it has been generated

PiunikaWeb and AssembleDebug have managed to uncover a new feature in the works that allows you to read Gemini's response as it is being generated. Right now, you have to wait for the entire response to be generated to be able to read it, but the new feature will bring the app up to par with its Web version.

The Gemini assistant didn't really have smooth sailing from its inception. Initially called Google Bard, it's been somewhat lacking compared to other AI competitors. However now, Google seems to finally be catching up.

The improvement in the works will be quite helpful. Especially if you're one of the inpatient ones (pretty much everybody these days) and you don't fancy waiting for a few seconds to then read a whole paragraph. Now, you'd be reading line by line or so, so you don't get bored while the AI is still generating your response.

This is, by the way, how most AI chatbots work, so it's a somewhat overdue feature for Gemini's Android app. The web version allows you to read in real-time as well.

PiunikaWeb recently unveiled another useful update that's coming to Gemini - it will be able to control Spotify and other music streaming services. This is actually quite a big improvement as it's one of the main aspects that Gemini was lacking in comparison to Google Assistant.

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