Samsung Galaxy deal from Vodafone: save up to £308, claim free Galaxy Buds+, Amazon gift card

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Samsung Galaxy deal from Vodafone: save up to £308, claim free Galaxy Buds+, Amazon gift card
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Thinking it's time to grab yourself a brand-new flagship with 5G connectivity and awesome cameras? Vodafone has your back with a promo for three Samsung Galaxy phones — this includes the Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Lite. The offer includes £288 in savings with the Unlimited plan when you buy the Galaxy S20+ 5G, with an added gift — Samsung's excellent Galaxy Buds+ (£159 value). To top it off, you can also claim a £60 Amazon gift card to grab a few cool accessories to supplement that "new phone" experience.

For those of you who are looking for a more value-priced phone, you can snatch a Galaxy S10 with up to £308 of savings with different Unlimited plans, or a Galaxy S10 Lite, which is currently lower in price than it has ever gone on Vodafone.

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Offer expires on the 30th of July

The Samsung Galaxy S phones look dazzling

A smartphone that exemplifies the modern handset look — thin and elegant, with a slightly curved screen and an arched back for a good fit in the hand. Samsung has perfected the glass-and-metal construction over the past 5 years and knows how to make a desirable phone.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 series look striking with their thin bezels and pack huge batteries in what are — considering their specs — small bodies.

You've got a pick of three distinct designs here. The Galaxy S10 is the thinnest and lightest of them — despite having a rather large screen, it feels easy and comfortable to carry around in every situation. The Galaxy S10 Lite has a more classic smartphone look, with a flat screen on the front. The Galaxy S20+ 5G is slightly larger, but still walks the fine line between size and ease of use.

Even more dazzling with an exclusive colour option!

Vodafone customers will get access to a brand-new, exclusive colour option for the Galaxy S20+ 5G! Aside from the shiny Cosmic Grey and stealthy Cosmic Black, the Galaxy S20+ 5G is now available in Aura Red!

The Galaxy Buds+ are among the best wireless earbuds out there

Samsung's latest wireless Buds+ offer active noise cancellation on top of features that Samsung fans loved from the past. A high-quality sound, good fit, and easy touch controls when tapping the sides. They also provide seriously impressive run times on a single charge and the fact that their case can be wirelessly charged makes them that much more convenient.

On their own, the Galaxy Buds+ are worth considering if you are in the market for Bluetooth earbuds, with a price-tag of £159. Well, here's a generous gift then — you can claim a set of Buds+ for free with Vodafone's Galaxy S20+ 5G offer this July! (Terms and Conditions apply, keep your confirmation email to redeem at Samsung within 30 days of purchase)

Powerful computers, excellent cameras… in your pocket!

The Galaxy S20 series goes all out with Samsung’s latest-and-greatest 2.7 GHz Exynos 990 8-core processor and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, but the S10 phones don't fall behind — the Galaxy S10 ticks with a 2.7 GHz 8-core Exynos 9820 and 8 GB of RAM; the Galaxy S10 Lite has a 2.8 GHz, octa-core Snapdragon 855 with 6 GB of RAM. These are all computing powerhouses that you get to carry around in your pocket.

Needless to say, all your favourite games and all your favourite apps will run without a hitch. And they will look great, too! Samsung’s beautiful AMOLED screens look equally lovely on all three of these phones. Well, the Galaxy S20+ 5G has the benefit of having a 120 Hz refresh rate for extra smooth animations and pleasing transitions.

The Galaxy S20+ 5G represents the latest advancements in Samsung camera tech, with a 12 MP main sensor, and a 64 MP zoom camera. But rest assured that the Galaxy S10 is still quite the performer in both picture and video — the 2019 flagship can hold its own up there with the new, 2020 models. The Galaxy S10 Lite is the value-offer phone here, but doesn't sacrifice camera performance. Its inclusion of Super Steady OIS and excellent HDR will make sure that you capture great memorabilia from your adventures under the bright sun, all at a more affordable price point.

Rest assured that whichever of these beasts you pick, you will have an amazing camera always with you, no matter where you go.

Why switch to Vodafone?

What’s most important when looking for a mobile network? Coverage and speed. Vodafone has been awarded the UK’s Best Mobile Data Network by nPerf — an independent body, which tests Internet speeds via crowdsourcing data. The network now also offers 5G connectivity — at the price of 4G — so you can make the best of your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G.

If you travel abroad, you will be able to enjoy roaming connectivity at no extra cost in more locations than what any other UK carrier provides.

To top it off, Vodafone shows its loyal customers that it cares with the VeryMe rewards. These are no simple discounts here and there, but actual weekly treats and giveaways that change to match each customer's interests.
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