Fly and listen to Spotify from your phone for free with Delta

Fly and listen to Spotify from your phone for free with Delta
Delta, one of the major airlines of the US, is now letting you stream Spotify for free on your personal device. The free period will end on January 19, 2022, but until then, during the holiday season, you can travel and listen to your favorite songs and podcasts on Spotify by connecting a device of your choosing to the plane's wifi for free.

Before the announcement, if a passenger wanted to connect their device to the plane's Wi-Fi to listen to Spotify, they had to pay a fee. The option is only available on planes equipped with Viasat satellite internet. But if you're not going to travel on a plane with an internet connection, don't worry. You can still listen to selected songs and podcasts on Spotify for free.

On September 1, 2021, Delta announced that it is beginning its partnership with Spotify. Since then, Delta's passengers have had free access to a curated selection of playlists of songs and more than 40 different podcasts on Spotify. The passengers can listen to Spotify directly from their seatback screens.

Delta isn't the only airline company partnering with a streaming service. Back in 2019, American Airlines began its partnership with Apple Music. From there on, American Airlines passengers can access Apple Music for free during their flight. But again, the plane must have a Viasat satellite connection.

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