The OG Fitbit Versa smartwatch is on sale at a 50 percent discount

The OG Fitbit Versa smartwatch is on sale at a 50 percent discount
Fitbit is far from the world's most successful smartwatch vendor, and Google is probably facing an uphill battle trying to change that after it will inevitably gain control over the 2007-founded wearable industry vendor

But if you're part of the brand's target audience, it's hard to resist the appeal of the freshly released Charge 4 activity tracker or 2018's Versa smartwatch at a hefty enough discount. Originally priced at $200, the latter model was officially discontinued on the heels of last year's Versa Lite and Versa 2 announcements, but as is often the case, the first-gen device can still be purchased from a number of major third-party retailers.

A fairly minor one has the Fitbit Versa on sale at the time of this writing for a whopping $100 less than usual, equating to a pretty much unbeatable 50 percent price cut. Of course, with the Fitbit Versa 2 also priced at $200, the OG smartwatch badly needed a markdown like this to maintain at least part of its charm.

Check out the deal here

Although the Android and iOS-compatible timepiece didn't exactly earn rave reviews back in 2018, its list of features is certainly not bad... for $99.97, including things like a built-in heart rate monitor, a relatively bright and colorful display capable of showing the most important notifications from your connected smartphone, top-notch water resistance, all-day activity tracking, solid battery life, and even the ability to store and play more than 300 of your favorite songs in the whole wide world.

Granted, the list of lacking features is also pretty lengthy, ranging from standalone GPS connectivity to Spotify support and always-on display technology, but realistically speaking, you shouldn't expect the world from a $99.97 smartwatch. 

That annoyingly specific price tag is worth mentioning, by the way, because Nordstrom Rack only does free shipping on orders over $100, so we're afraid you'll have to add some sort of a filler item to your cart if you don't want to be charged extra in delivery costs.

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