First OnePlus foldable phone incoming, and it may be cute and affordable

First OnePlus foldable phone incoming
Surprise, surprise, OnePlus will be releasing a foldable handset of its own! It will reportedly be modelled after the Find N foldable of its sister manufacturer Oppo, but we'd wager to guess that it could be cheaper, just like the new OnePlus 10 Pro goes easy on some of Oppo's flagship Find X5 Pro hardware to arrive with a lower price point.

This has been the OnePlus modus operandi for a while now, but the source claims that the first OnePlus foldable phone will be nearly identical with the cute and ergonomically sized Oppo Find N, so it could just be a matter of providing its global availability under a brand more recognizable in the US such as OnePlus.



The Good

  • Compact, easy to carry around form factor
  • Excellent display quality
  • Barely visible screen crease in the hinge area
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Very good stereo speakers

The Bad

  • Limited availability
  • 60Hz exterior display
  • Gaudy colors in AI camera mode
  • Ultrawide camera lens positioning makes it easy to smudge

On the other hand, the third phone brand under the BBK Holding conglomerate that houses Oppo and OnePlus - Vivo - will soon be releasing a foldable phone in its turn, too, which, judging from the leaked renders, will look rather different.

The Vivo X Fold is expected to be announced on April 11, and sport an 8" 1440p 120Hz main display with a squarish 4:3.5 aspect ratio. At 6.5 inches, its external screen and overall size will be much larger than the Find N's, so the X Fold could be positioned as an expensive foldable flagship, given the rumored 5x periscope zoom camera it is supposed to have. 

That's a different strategy than what OnePlus will be pursuing with the Find N lookalike which is one of the most affordable foldables at the moment and its OnePlus-branded global version could very well launch at an even lower price point.

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