Fake rumor from some Bozo claimed that Apple was removing the iPhone's clown emoji

Fake rumor from some Bozo claimed that Apple was removing the iPhone's clown emoji
Some Bozo is messing around with iPhone users by posting a headline that appears to be from CNBC dated May 15th. The headline says, "Upcoming Apple device update set to remove clown emoji: sources say emoji used as a Far-Right "Dog Whistle." According to PolitiFact, this is a completely made-up headline and CNBC never posted this story. There is nothing that would indicate the imminent removal of the clown emoji by Apple.

The fake headline was posted on an "X" account owned by someone with the username "FullMetalPatriot." The image shows a legitimate CNBC writer and she did have a story on the business news channel's app at the time and date indicated in the image although the story had nothing to do with the clown emoji. The clown emoji is often used to accompany politically-based posts as a way to comment on certain actions performed by members of either major U.S. political party.

It is believed that the fake headline was originally published on a message board promoting presumptive Republican presidential nominee and former President Donald Trump and was repeated in a tweet posted by the aforementioned "FullMetalPatriot" who by all indications is a staunch conservative. Still, we should make it clear that the clown emoji is used to make fun of certain actions committed by politicians on both sides of the aisle so the emoji itself is not strongly associated with either party.

Interestingly enough, as we said, this appears to be a situation where a fake headline replaced a real one from a story actually posted by CNBC. Ironically, the real story was about a company that really does use a clown to promote its business, McDonald's. Written by Kate Rogers and posted on May 15th, the real headline read, "McDonald's $5 value meal is coming in June — and staying for just a month."

And since the story about Apple pulling the emoji is fake, iPhone users shouldn't be concerned. The clown emoji is staying which means you'll be able to continue to use it to mock politicians, athletes, tech company executives, and even your local weatherman.

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