Google heard that you like Dynamic Theming, so it stopped it from affecting the Play Store?

Google heard that you like Dynamic Theming, so it stopped it from affecting the Play Store?
The bread is the Android phone, but the butter is the apps from the Google Play Store. Well, now, in some cases most apps come pre-installed, but all of us have those favorite apps that we install on every phone, right? Plus, browsing for new timewasters is always captivating, because sometimes you just feel like doing that instead of being productive.

Another cool thing about Android is that it can dynamically adjust its accent colors in order to match whatever new-age, modern anime wallpaper you’ve got on your homescreen. And the best part? That extends to most of the Google-made apps too!

And up until recently, the Google Play Store itself would play nicely with the insane wardrobe that your currently-favorite anime character is rocking, but no more. Google just doesn’t like your anime preferences. And it doesn’t matter if you change the wallpaper now or not: the Play Store’s buttons will remain blue.

Well, I hope that they make them animes about the fish in the sea too! 

Jokes aside, Dynamic Coloring was a very exciting addition to the OS when it dropped with Android 12. In the case of the Store, it didn’t do much with accents primarily being visible along the search bar, the tabs and the navbar on the bottom. But it was enough.

And now, we’re stuck with blue. Which is weird, because some elements continue being green, which used to be the go-to primary accent color for the store. Well, at least green and blue compliment each other nicely, both in terms of a MTG deck and the aquatic theme. 

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Now, typically, we’d call this a “test phase”, but given that it seems to be receiving a wide roll out, we might need to get accustomed to these two colors. The update is being slowly rolled out, with flagships like the Galaxy S23 Ultra already having the new accents, while fresh choices like the Asus Zenfone 10 still clinging to the past.
But I’ve got just one question: why is Google ignoring the red and yellow from the Play Store’s color? Are those colors inferior in some way?

Regardless, we’d love for Dynamic Theming to come back to the Play Store. But the true fact of the matter is that nothing could beat the unnecessary, but cool inclusion of a Play Store setting for accent colors. And it could even extend to the store on PC! Imagine if you can color-code all of your Play Store version, across all of your devices, now that would be grand!

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