Disney+ kicks off new ad-supported offer to make you forget about that upcoming ad-free price hike

Disney+ kicks off new ad-supported offer to make you forget about that upcoming ad-free price hike
Are you sick and tired of seeing all of the best video streaming services constantly hike their monthly rates while removing various popular benefits and features and not exactly making much of an effort to regularly improve and expand their content in line with these unpopular changes?

Disney+ is today swimming against that current... kind of with a sweet new promotion aimed at both all-new and "eligible" returning subscribers. That's not as good as, say, a permanent discount for new and existing customers, but it's arguably the next best thing and it can save you quite a bit of money during your first three months (or your first three months after a while away) on the platform.

If you don't have a (big) problem with ads, you can now opt for a Disney+ Basic plan in the US and pay a measly $1.99 a month as part of a welcome offer set to expire on September 20. That reduced price will go away after three months of ad-supported access to "thousands of exclusive movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic", as well as "exciting new releases every week."

Normally, you'd need to cough up $7.99 a month for that service tier, which means that you're looking at saving a grand total of 18 bucks here. That's definitely nothing to sneeze at in an industry where all the top players seem focused all of a sudden on getting more money from their subscribers through any means possible rather than boosting those all-important subscriber numbers themselves.

Of course, if Disney+ can do both things at the same time, that's even better, with many new and returning subscribers tempted by this introductory offer likely to stay on the platform after the discounted 3-month period and start paying full price. 

Keep in mind that said full price will be automatically charged to your credit card after the promotional window closes, and there are currently no deals to be had for the Premium plan (with no ads), which costs $10.99 a month before going up to $13.99 soon. 

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